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If you would like to create a needle felted horse but don’t want to hunt for materials, this starter kit is perfect for you! It includes nearly all you need to create the perfect horse - and it is a really good way to have a go at felting without the commitment.


The materials included are the same I use in my work, so you can trust their quality. I find that low quality wool and needles are one of the major reasons people don’t get on with needle felting, (speaking from experience here!) so I have put together a high quality kit which won’t cost the earth. And as an added bonus, you can even include the video course for a discounted price!




Included are:



White core* - 70g

Brown Bergschaf - 50g

Dark brown Bergschaf - 30g

Black Bergschaf - 20g

Grey Bergschaf - 5g

Black Welsh Mountain - 5g



38g star needle

40g reverse needle

42g spiral needle (x2)


Tan acrylic paint

Brown acrylic paint

Air dry clay

Glass eyes

Armature wire


Armature guide

Skeleton diagram

Proportions guide


**Please note no instructions are included - you will need to purchase the video course, either as a bundle or separately.


--This kit is designed and made in the UK, with materials purchased from small businesses. It is the perfect gift for that crafty, horsey person in your life!


*Please note that the core wool is processed, washed and carded in house, so there might be some vegetable matter embedded throughout. This is easily picked out and won't harm the finished product in any way :)


Looking for a different colour? Shoot me a message - I would love to create a custom kit for you!

Starter Kit - Creating the Needle Felted Horse

  • How do I get access to the video course?

    If you've chosen to include the video course - When your parcel arrives, we will include a coupon for 100% discount on the video course, which you can then use to sign up. If you would like this coupon earlier, just shoot us a quick message and we'll get right on it! Please note that the basic kit does not include access to the video course.

    I can’t find the glass eyes! Where are they?

    Check the clay jar - they will be securely packed within.

    How can I store the clay after use?

    Add a couple of drops of water before sealing the jar tightly, and try to use it all within a month - perhaps by sculpting tiny apples or carrots for your new horse!

    Do you make kits for different coat colours?

    I'm afraid I don't - however, feel free to shoot me a message and I will be happy to create a custom kit for you!

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