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Bringing your piece to life

I begin each needle felted piece with the creation of a wire armature. This is, essentially, the skeleton of the piece. It provides a structure for me to felt around, and is flexible enough to allow for the horse to be posed.

Layers of previously washed and carded wool are slowly added and shaped to form the body and muscles, using a barbed needle. This tangles the fibres together into a fairly solid structure.

I compare the piece to photos every step of the way, to ensure everything is as accurate and correct as possible.

Coloured wool is then felted on top for the coat, and the horse starts coming to life. Glass eyes provide a beautiful life-like shine, and clay hooves add stability and weight. The final shaping and detailing is done at this point too.

After trimming any stray fibres, the piece is signed, photographed, and is ready to make its way to you!

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