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For a couple of years now, I've had people ask if I was planning to make a video course. Most of the time, I laughed it off - it just seemed like a logistical nightmare, with hours spent in front of a screen, dealing with technical difficulties and temperamental software.

But as more and more people asked, I realised that perhaps it was worth the trouble. The equine form is a difficult one to get right, and if people are wanting to learn from me, who am I to say no?

Click the video to watch a short trailer!

I've tried to make this course as accessible as possible, but it is still best suited to someone who has, at the very least, a basic understanding of needle felting. That said, every single stage is shown, from start to finish, so with enough patience, I am sure even someone who has never picked up a felting needle will be able to benefit and learn from it - a few absolute beginners have given it a go, and ended up creating pieces much better than my first try!

You will need some basic tools to get started, which you can find, alongside suppliers, here. You can also grab a Starter Kit from the Shop! If you feel ready to get started, just go ahead and click "purchase" - this will give you unlimited access to the course with only a one time payment.

If you would rather purchase individual chapters, that is now possible, too! Just choose a chapter to purchase from the selection below. Please note that if you purchase the full course at a later date, your payment won't be refunded.

  • Video Course

    Full access to Creating The Needle Felted Horse

Happy Customers Say...

"Really enjoying this video course!  I am in the early project stages but love how things are broken down, described, and demonstrated.  Great instruction - looking forward to reviewing and watching more!"