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Needle Neddies are needle felted model horses handcrafted from British wool. They are made using a steel wire armature, making them fully poseable and quite sturdy. They feature British glass eyes and handmade clay hooves.


General Information & Care

  • Needle Neddies are made using a steel armature and contain small parts, and so are not toys and are not suitable for children.


  • Please keep out of reach of pets as they are attracted to the smell of wool.


  • Even though they are made to be sturdy, these pieces need to be handled with care. Avoid over-bending the wire and stressing it unnecessarily, and avoid over-handling as the fibres may come loose.


  • If your piece needs cleaning, the best way to do so is to blow the dust off with a hair dryer on low. Take care not to singe any fibres. Spot clean only.


Placing an order


  • If ordering a portrait model, please send clear, unfiltered photos of your horse if possible, including any markings and conformational details.

  • A non-refundable charge of £40 is required in order to be booked into the waiting list. This will be deducted from your final cost.


  • Even though I try my very best to create an accurate portrait of your horse or pony, both the medium and the artist have their limits. There may be details that will need to be simplified or softened. Feel free to scroll through my recent work, or contact me if you would like to discuss this.



  • Prices start at £180 for ponies and £330 for 1:12 scale horses. This pricing includes a basic coat colour and minimal markings, with shipping being paid separately. Please contact for a more accurate quote.


  • A non-refundable 50% deposit must be paid before work is started on the piece. This can either be paid when booking your spot, or when the spot assigned to you opens.


  • Payment must be made through bank transfer (UK only) or PayPal Goods & Services.


  • I reserve the right to cancel your order at any point, in which case your deposit will be refunded.


  • You will be sent photos of the completed piece for approval, after which the final payment will be due.

  • I am happy to make small changes or adjustments to your piece during the creation process, for no extra charge. Changes made after completion, or larger adjustments made during the creation process, may be subject to an extra charge.


Completion and Shipping


  • I aim to complete a piece within three months, but this varies based on how many projects I have on the workbench at any given moment.


  • Feel free to ask for an estimate on completion time when you order your commission; please keep in mind that it is only an estimate, not a hard deadline.


  • Rush orders will be subject to an extra charge.


  • Once complete, your piece will be posted through Royal Mail’s Special Delivery service if within the UK, or International Tracked if outside the UK. If you need a postage estimate, please ask before placing your order. 


Alteration and Customisation


  • All Needle Neddies are signed on their belly. Please do not remove this signature or claim the work as your own.

  • I am willing to repair and restore pieces made by me, unless they have been altered by another artist; please contact me for a quote.


Thank you for your interest and support!

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